Gardnerville woman found alive in Alpine County |

Gardnerville woman found alive in Alpine County

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California Attorney General's OfficeRoderick Clifton and Paula Lane disappeared on Nov. 29 after leaving Citrus Heights, Calif. Lane was found Wednesday night while walking along Highway 88 after the couple became stuck in the snow.

Gardnerville resident Paula Lane was found alive by a family member who was searching near Pickett’s Junction in Alpine County after being lost since Nov. 29.

Alpine County searchers confirmed that they found Lane last night walking along Highway 88.

Lane’s boyfriend Roderick Clifton was found dead in the snow.

The couple’s vehicle became stuck while driving on Burnside Road near Pickett’s Junction where highways 88 and 89 meet. They slept inside the blue Jeep for one day. Roderick left the vehicle to look for help and never returned. Lane eventually left the vehicle and was found walking along the highway.

They could not use their cell phone to call for help due to the mountains.

There has been a continued search by members of the California Highway Patrol, El Dorado Sheriff’s Department, Alpine County Sheriff’s Department, and members of Paula and Roderick’s families. The search was conducted by vehicle, on foot, and in the air. The air search was recently grounded due poor weather conditions.

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