Gardnerville may seek more land for Heritage Park |

Gardnerville may seek more land for Heritage Park

Confederate soldiers fire during the battle at Heritage Park during Old Town Days last year.

Acquisition of 5 acres of commercial property in Gardnerville could result in more than tripling of the size of Heritage Park.

The property, belonging to Spence Properties, is located just north of the park.

Town Manager Tom Dallaire said that as larger and larger events take place at the park, more and more often organizers seek permission from the owner.

"Every time someone comes to us for permission to use the park, they also go to Spence for permission for parking," Dallaire told town board members on Tuesday.

While the property is not for sale, Dallaire said he wanted to find out if there was an interest by board members to develop a plan to purchase the property.

The last time the property was for sale, the owners wanted $375,000. The last project considered for the property was townhomes. According to the Douglas County Assessor's Office, the property's taxable valuation is $276,000.

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Board member Ken Miller suggested that Dallaire pursue the property at less than its appraised value.

"That's how I like to buy property, too," said member Mike Philips.

Dallaire said there was $122,000 in the 2005 street light loan that will be paid off next year. A portion of that could be used to make payments on the property.

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