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Douglas no republic


In a recent speech Commissioner-elect Penzel addressed Douglas County problems and an issue important to me – illegal operation of off-highway vehicles on our streets. I’ve been working on this problem with the county government for a while. Illegal OHV operation threatens public safety, and being extreme in Johnson Lane is a major nuisance to me and perhaps many others. Yet, Douglas refuses to act.

I want to congratulate Penzel and ask all other Douglas leaders to take the right path in the new year.

Out of 40,000 people in this county I count approximately .0025 percent or as much as any other individual under democratic concept.

With this share, nobody will give me much consideration in a democracy.

Penzel’s observations about Douglas and the $500 budget challenge suggest that Douglas is ruled in a democratic fashion rather than a republic that is ruled by law.

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Our county is 100 percent Republican when it comes to the board of commissioners and most positions. Yet, with 100 percent Republican leadership the county seems to operate as a democracy.

For example, the illegal OHV issue is not addressed under the republic concept because there is no republic, but it’s ignored under democracy because the majority of people are not complaining. Result: Dirt bikes ride on our streets without restrictions and the problem is escalating. I’m just pointing out the tip of the iceberg.

But as Penzel said, not even democratic ideas succeed in Douglas. He mentioned that majority of citizens didn’t want the senior center, yet BOC found a way to build it.

What does that mean?

Douglas, as the USA, has transitioned from a republic to a democracy. Democracy is unsustainable because it’s impractical for the masses to govern. As a result, democracy quickly dissolves into oligarchy – the rule by a group.

Yes sir, we have an oligarchy in Douglas and USA. The $500 budget challenge” is a smoke screen to portray democracy as alive-and-well. In a republic such propaganda is neither desired nor necessary.

Penzel mentioned that he’d like to restore trust in Douglas. I applaud him, but in a democracy and oligarchy trust is nonexistent because neither accepts inalienable rights and consistent application of the law. You can’t restore trust to something that is incapable of trust. If Penzel works to restore the republic, trust will come because in a republic laws are enforced uniformly and inalienable rights are just that.

Officials: If you want citizens to trust Douglas, commit to this:

“If you invest in a Douglas home or business we will protect your investment by enforcing all laws against all illegal activities that may impact your investment.”

Abolish the current mission statement:

“Sorry to hear about your problem, but we can’t do anything. You can use the democratic process to encourage others to complain. If enough complain we may address it, but we always reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.”

Important: Republic is not a partisan concept.

I pledge my entire .0025 percent to the republic. Anyone else?

Mark Garic


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