Crashed Cessna 120’s registration not revoked |

Crashed Cessna 120’s registration not revoked

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A neighbor confirmed that a 1946 Cessna 120 listed for sale on the Farias Wheel Airport website is the same one that crashed over the weekend, killing Wellington resident Joseph James Miceli, 59.

The tail number listed with the ad refers to a different 1946 Cessna 120 in Ohio, whose registration has been revoked. Miceli transposed the numbers in the ad, the neighbor said.

An investigator told the Nevada Appeal that the plane's registration was in the process of being renewed.

"It was in the process of being registered," said Michael Huhn of the National Transportation Safety Board. "It's not anything that warrants attention."

He said that the investigation will look at several things in search of the cause of the crash.

"We look at the pilot, his experience, health, the machine, the environment, the weather," Huhn told the Appeal. "Right now we don't even know when he took off. We believe he took off the day before."

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Miceli's home is located on Farias Wheel Airport, where he owns two other aircraft. Huhn said it's believed he took off on Saturday from Carson City Airport.

Plans are in the works to recover the aircraft from Piñon Hills where it crashed.

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