Couple implicated in Valley burglaries |

Couple implicated in Valley burglaries

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Two convicted thieves are in custody in Carson City in connection with a rash of burglaries that occurred in Minden on Dec. 5. Jeira Polanco, 24, and Timothy Sparacino, 27, face 22 counts of theft each after probation officers found a bag full of jewelry and other loot during a surprise visit to their home.Carson City law enforcement officials said a big bag of gold jewelry found in the couple’s apartment may be related to the burglaries of five homes in Westwood earlier this month. Jewelry and currency were taken, according to the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.The thefts prompted Douglas officials to issue a warning to residents to keep an eye out for suspicious vehicles.Sheriff’s Spokesman Sgt. Pat Brooks said that a substantial amount of stolen property, including jewelry, coins and small electronic items, had been recovered.Brooks said anyone with information, or who is the victim of an unreported burglary in which distinguishable, identifiable jewelry or other valuables were stolen, is asked to contact Investigator Ed Garren at 782-9908. A Carson City sheriff’s detective reported that among the items found in Polanco and Sparacino’s apartment were jewelry, coins, collectibles, silverware, china, two iPads, a 55-inch TV, Christmas gifts, eight paintings, furniture and utensils that had been reported as stolen. At least 22 different victims have been contacted since the arrests, the Nevada Appeal reported.Eight Bev Doolittle paintings hanging on the walls were valued at $28,950.The couple arrested in Carson were convicted of multiple counts of theft in April 2011and were on probation.In the 2011 case, Polanco and Sparacino admitted pawning some $22,000 in stolen items at area pawn and coin shops.According to court documents, among the things pawned was a $9,000 Rolex watch which the couple allegedly sold for $2,500. At the time, law enforcement officers believed the couple burglarized four homes for more than $40,000, investigators said.At the time of Polanco’s sentencing, Carson City District Judge Jim Wilson said his only reason for giving Sparacino probation was so that Sparacino could begin repaying the victims at $350 per month. The two were also ordered to remain separated.Should his probation be revoked, Sparacino is facing an underlying sentence of 2-9 years on his theft convictions. Polanco faces three underlying prison sentences adding up to 44-128 months.

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