County: Another six weeks needed to recover |

County: Another six weeks needed to recover

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Two weeks after a 100-year flood struck Carson Valley, Douglas County officials said it could be another six weeks before damage to roads and other public facilities are repaired.

"We realize this storm created some serious problems for our residents and we have set all regular road projects aside to make cleaning up this flood damage our main priority," said Douglas County Public Works Director Carl Ruschmeyer. "In addition county staff is meeting with homeowners associations and residents to address questions and concerns."

County crews have cleaned up the Fish Springs area and have moved to Johnson Lane and East Valley. Road crews will work between Johnson Lane and Stephanie and then head to Saratoga Springs.

The county has also seen flood damage to the channel approaching the culvert crossing on Johnson Lane across from Vicki Lane on the eastbound side of the roadway. The channel eroded towards the roadway to a point that compromised the integrity of the guardrail which protects traffic from encroaching the channel and box culvert. To develop a long term solution and improve the safety of the traveling public, the county has hired a Reno geotechnical engineering firm to evaluate the channel and road for options to repair the bank.

The floods caused damage to many residents' driveways, culverts, structures, and landscaping. The Douglas County engineering department is also fielding many calls from residents asking about the need for building permits.

"If damage occurred to previously permitted driveway connection or culvert or the driveway was washed out the resident may repair or replace the structure without obtaining a new permit," said County Engineer Erik Nilssen. "If you wish to construct a new or previously not permitted driveway crossing or culvert in the right of way a new encroachment permit must be obtained from the Community Development Department. The permit requires a dimensioned site plan of the property indicating the location of the proposed improvement. An encroachment permit can generally be reviewed and approved within two days."

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With more flashflooding possible, the East Fork Fire District is checking sandbag inventory daily and keeping close watch on resources. Sandbags are available at the Johnson Lane, Genoa and Alpine View fire stations.

"In the event of another series of flash flood events, the East Fork Fire & Paramedic Districts and the Sheriff's Office will be dispatched on a priority basis to handle emergencies and can, through statewide mutual aid agreements request additional assistance if necessary," said District Chief Tod Carlini.

East Valley Road was closed for a short time on Wednesday evening due to flooding caused by a Pine Nut thunderstorm. Thunderstorms are back in the forecast for most of next week.

Three sites were set up for residents to dump dirt, rocks, and other debris caused by the flood. The sites are located at the Johnson Lane Volunteer Fire Department off Stephanie Way and a site north of Johnson Lane east of Heybourne. A third site is located on Fish Springs next to the animal shelter on Pine Nut Road.

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