Check kiting scheme earns four-year prison term |

Check kiting scheme earns four-year prison term

The "Bank of Bobbi" operated by former Markleeville resident Bobbi Mortimer has been closed after she received the maximum sentence for writing bad checks.

The up to four-year prison sentence Mortimer received on Monday will run consecutive to a six-year sentence she is serving in Washoe County for burglary and identity theft.

Mortimer, 30, admitted driving around neighborhoods, taking mail from mailboxes and using the information to steal peoples' identities.

A friend, whose identity she allegedly took, said she would drive Mortimer around as she would raid mailboxes. She said Mortimer referred to herself as the "Bank of Bobbi."

She pleaded guilty in Washoe County District Court on July 9, 2013 and was sentenced Aug. 13 to 28-72 months in Nevada state prison. She's appealing her conviction to the Nevada Supreme Court.

Mortimer is being held by the Nevada Department of Corrections on the Washoe County charges.

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"You can see from the reports that it was a crime spree," Prosecutor Erik Levin said. "She included people who were her friends and people who were complete strangers. She was stealing people's IDs. There was some real damage done there."

When questioned by investigators about the charges, Levin pointed out that she blamed the victims in each case.

"It was not her fault," he said. "It was the victims' fault for not putting locks on their mailboxes, or building higher walls to keep her out."

Mortimer told Judge Michael Gibbons that she was sorry for what she did.

"I was using drugs, now I've sobered up," she said.

In addition to her prison sentence, Mortimer was ordered to pay $9,902.86 in restitution.

Gibbons sentenced Mortimer to 19-48 months to run concurrently with her sentence in Washoe County with no credit for time served.

Gibbons told Mortimer she should write letters to the victims through her attorney to let them know what happened to their information.

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