Carson bypass work forecast to be finished 2017 |

Carson bypass work forecast to be finished 2017

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Motorists traveling from Douglas County to Reno will have two free right turn lanes to get onto Interstate 580 once the freeway is completed to southern Carson City in 2017.

State transportation spokeswoman Meg Ragonese said the intersection at highways 50 and 395, where the interstate will end, will still have a traffic light for the foreseeable future. That will make Clear Creek and Highway 395 the last traffic light for northbound motorists.

"There may be times when those drivers will need to stop and yield for crossing bicyclists and pedestrians, but otherwise that free right will provide quick and easy northbound access onto the new freeway," she said.

Until the freeway is paved to Spooner Junction, motorists will continue to drive into Carson City and turn on Fairview to get on the freeway.

Groundwork on the final leg of the Carson City bypass was finished, and work to pave the last four miles and open the freeway between Fairview Drive and Spooner Junction should begin in the first half of 2015, transportation officials said.

The $9.5 million project included roadway grading, utility relocation, extensive drainage facilities to channel storm water runoff and construction of an overpass bringing Snyder Avenue over the future freeway.

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Contractor Granite Construction excavated nearly 300,000 cubic yards of earth for both drainage detention basins and roadway. The company installed nearly 2.5 miles of lines for sewer and water, storm drains. More than 15,000 tons of base and paving were put down, 680,000 pounds of reinforcing steel and 4,500 cubic yards of concrete went into the new Snyder Avenue overpass.

A large drainage facility was dug near Carson Street just north of the Spooner junction that will carry storm water into a 38-million gallon detention basin to eventually drain into the Carson River.

"This phase of the project was dedicated to laying the groundwork, literally, for the final paving and work on the last approximately four miles of the freeway, which will take place as part of the next construction phase," NDOT Resident Engineer Stephen Lani explained.

The freeway is projected to open to traffic between Fairview Drive and Spooner Junction when that final phase of construction completes in approximately 2017. With funding from federal transportation funds, the state highway fund and Carson City, the project is aimed at increasing traffic mobility and safety with an interstate bypass alternative to help remove through-traffic congestion from downtown Carson City.

The state plans a public meeting on the freeway's next phase in mid-September.

Further project information is available at or by dialing (775) 888-7000.

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