Bones ID awaiting DNA |

Bones ID awaiting DNA

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While making a tentative identification of remains found near Spooner Summit, Douglas County investigators are waiting until the identity is confirmed before releasing a name.

The bones were found by an inmate work crew on June 23 north of Highway 50.

Investigators are still awaiting autopsy and DNA results. The DNA test to confirm the person's identity is expected to take another 3-4 months.

The bones were located about 300 yards north of Highway 50 near the top of Spooner Summit, between the Tahoe Rim Trail and Kings Canyon Road in a remote wooded area.

Investigators gathered as many of the remains as they could find and sent them to the Washoe County Medical Examiner.

Sheriff Ron Pierini said the bones had been spread out by animals, and appear to be from someone who died between six months to a year before they were found.

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