BLM issues sage grouse conservation policies memo |

BLM issues sage grouse conservation policies memo

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The Bureau of Land Management has issued an instructional memorandum that provides interim conservation policies and procedures to be applied to ongoing and proposed activities affecting the Bi-state Distinct Population Segment of the Greater Sage-grouse and its habitat.

The Bi-state DPS refers to a specific sub-population of Greater Sage-grouse in a small area of California and Nevada with different decision timelines and processes separate from the eventual decision regarding the Greater Sage-grouse.

The direction provided in the memo covers activities carried out during the current revision of resource management plans that include the area where the Bi-state DPS is located and addresses actions related to vegetation management, wildfire suppression and rehabilitation, rights-of-way, minerals, grazing, recreation, travel management and wild horse and burro management.

“Through these policies and procedures, we seek to maintain, enhance, or restore conditions for the Bi-state Greater Sage-grouse population and its habitat,” said BLM Nevada State Director Amy Lueders. “Our goal is to conserve habitat necessary to sustain Greater Bi-state populations and reduce the likelihood of listing under the Endangered Species Act.”

The memo is available online at

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