Biodiesel producer offsets emissions of 820 cars |

Biodiesel producer offsets emissions of 820 cars

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Shannon Litz/R-C file photoVisitors leave the Bently Biofuels plant in Minden following a tour of the plant in 2006. The company began recycling used cooking oil for biodiesel production in 2005.

Bently Biofuels in Minden has been recycling used cooking oil into renewable diesel fuel since 2005 and last year offset nearly 10 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions, according to a company press release.

Every gallon of biodiesel that displaces a gallon of petroleum diesel reduces emissions by 85 percent, the company said. In 2012 alone, Bently Biofuels offset 9.6 million pounds of CO2 emissions – the equivalent of taking 820 cars off the road.

“CO2 is a odorless and colorless gas that traps heat in our atmosphere resulting in global climate changes such as melting ice caps, rising sea levels, droughts, and more severe storms,” said the company.

In addition to production, the family companies have been using biodiesel in fleet vehicles, ranch equipment, power generators, and oil furnaces for the past seven years. In the summer months, the fleet is fueled with pure biodiesel, resulting in a “French fry” smell coming from vehicle tailpipes. In the winter, biodiesel can be blended with petroleum diesel to reduce the possibility of the fuel gelling at low temperatures.

“Bently company vehicles have traveled an estimated 10 million miles on biodiesel fuel,” the company said.

Bently Biofuels supplies biodiesel to wholesale, retail, and fleet customers across Northern Nevada and California. The manufacturing side is always looking for sources of used cooking oil.

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“Whether you deep fry your holiday turkey or you own a restaurant, stop throwing away your grease – recycle it,” the press release stated.

Their grease collection hotline is (866) 441-2884.

For more information on Bently Biofuels, call 783-0123 or email

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