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A link across the ages

A century ago, Carson Valley didn’t celebrate Carson Valley Days. The big celebration in 1910 took so much out of residents that they didn’t try it again until 1913.

Back in those days, there weren’t quite 2,000 people living in the whole county, according to the 1910 census. Even if most of those folks were living in the central Valley, there were still fewer people to do the work than there are watching the parade these days.

The Carson Valley Days celebration has evolved and changed over the past century.

Someone who was transported to the present day from 1946, which is when the celebration’s current streak began, would find a very different celebration.

The direction and length of the parade has changed, as have the locales of most of the celebration.

There are four days now where there was only just the one. We’ve made no effort to keep the parade date on June 11, which marks the first Carson Valley Day.

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We would no more expect a visitor from 1946 to recognize every aspect of the celebration, than we would expect to recognize every aspect if we time traveled to 2080.

We think Carson Valley Days past, present and future share the enthusiasm that organizers, residents and even visitors have for this Valley of ours.

So let the sirens scream, dodge the shaving cream, and breathe in the green of late spring. Happy Carson Valley Days, all.

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