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El Dorado investigating beating case

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A drawing of the man who severely attacked a woman who claimed she was attacked in Woodfords Canyon by a fake law enforcement officer. She was severely beaten, but later said there was no officer and that the incident happend near Meyers.

A woman who was severely beaten and originally claimed to have been injured by a man who pulled her over in Woodfords Canyon, now says the assault occurred near Meyers, or in in South Lake Tahoe. The El Dorado County Sheriff's Office is investigating the attack. They say the original account may have been due in part to the injuries the victim suffered.

The suspect is described as a white male adult, late 40s to 55 years of age, 6 feet, 1-2 inches tall, with a stocky build. Unknown hair color, shaggy moustache, brown with some silver coloring. Facial skin has deep pores, pitted, with reddish hue. The Lake Tahoe Secret Witness program has authorized a $500 reward for information leading to the arrest of the suspect. Call Detective Paul Kuhn at 530-573-3022, or Secret Witness at 530-541-6800 with information.

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