Topaz woman testifies she was severely beaten |

Topaz woman testifies she was severely beaten

A woman who said she was terrorized by her husband of 30 years took the stand on Friday and was in tears as she described two instances where he'd beaten her in their Topaz Lake home.

David Cantrell, 67, was held for trial on charges of felony domestic battery and false imprisonment in connection with incidents that occurred in 2012 and 2013.

His wife testified that on Dec. 16, 2012, Cantrell woke her up by dumping a glass of cold water on her and then beat her and threatened to kill her if she told anyone.

"He struck me with fists and a gun," she said. "I had bruises all over. I was sore for weeks. I kept quiet about it because he said he was sorry. When my son saw me, he asked what happened to my face and wrists. I told him I had a little accident and covered up, so that they wouldn't know he was beating me."

The victim described a 14-hour February 2013 attack in which Cantrell pushed her down on a chair and struck her in the head with his fists and a pole.

"I was in tears," she said. "I thought 'I'm going to die. I've got to protect my head.'"

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She said he strangled her until she passed out and that when she came back to consciousness, he told her he thought she was dead.

She said Cantrell threatened to shoot her if she told anyone about what happened.

"He said that if I had any thought of telling anyone about this, he would shoot me and then shoot them," she said. "I'm still suffering a hurt back and he hit me in the head so hard I'm having trouble hearing. After that terrible beating I took on Feb. 28, it changed my whole life."

Prosecutor Laurie Trotter and Defense attorney Kris Brown argued whether to allow a recording of Cantrell talking to Investigator Nate Almeida in Los Angeles.

Brown said that at the time Cantrell was facing a felony battery charge in connection with a Dec. 28, 2013, incident that happened at the couple's home there. Almeida read Cantrell his Miranda rights, and he agreed to talk. Cantrell was represented by counsel, Brown argued, and any attempt to talk to him should have gone through his attorney.

Justice of the Peace Tom Perkins allowed the recording to be played.

Cantrell told Almeida that he was lashing out in response to what he believed to be a blow to his ego.

"I guess I wanted to hurt her for hurting me," he said on a recording made at the Los Angeles County Jail in March.

Cantrell couldn't remember the dates of the incidents, and said his incarceration on a charge out of Los Angeles was the result of an accident that occurred while he was shadow boxing.

Cantrell is scheduled to appear in District Court on July 22.

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