Sexual assault case delayed until September |

Sexual assault case delayed until September

A man facing charges of sexual assault and lewdness with a child had his arraignment continued another two weeks while he heals up from dental surgery.

Joseph Bonilla, 36, was in court on Monday wearing a blue bandage around his head. Attorney Derrick Lopez said that Bonilla had his final surgery on Friday and was still on painkillers.

District Judge Michael Gibbons set the next hearing for Sept. 8.

■ An Oct. 28 trial date has been set in the case of a man who is denying he possessed methamphetamine.

James David Goldberg, 56, was arrested June 16 after a traffic stop for failing to obey a stop sign.

Goldberg is denying that he had half a gram of methamphetamine. He was bound over in East Fork Justice Court on Aug. 15. Goldberg was released on his own recognizance pending trial, but was taken into custody on Thursday after a presumptive drug test was positive for methamphetamine. District Judge Michael Gibbons ordered Goldberg's $3,000 cash bail to stand if the test is confirmed. If it's not, Goldberg will be released again.

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■ A man arrested in a drug sting faces prison if he's found to have violated his probation in a theft by being convicted on drug charges.

Oliver Miller, 25, was sentenced on May 6, 2013, to a suspended 1-3 year prison term for theft.

On Aug. 12, he was arrested in a vehicle with Nicholas Capitanich, 35, and booked on a variety of drug charges.

"You've got three cases going now, so you're in some deep trouble," District Judge Michael Gibbons observed.

Gibbons agreed to continue Miller's probation violation hearing a week. He is due in East Fork Justice Court today.

■ A California man who was allowed to do a diversion program from out of state was ordered to jail after he failed a drug test on Monday.

Brett Stewart, 30, was arrested for trafficking. He was permitted to participate in a treatment program in California as long as he provided regular reports. On Monday, District Court Judge Michael Gibbons found him in contempt of court and ordered him to jail for 24 hours and fined him $500.

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