Nevada chief justices to serve as juror |

Nevada chief justices to serve as juror

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For the first time in Nevada history a sitting Supreme Court Justice has been selected to serve as a juror in a trial.

Supreme Court Chief Justice Mark Gibbons was selected today for the trial of David Lane, who's accused of brandishing a weapon last summer at the Olive Garden in Carson City.

Earlier this year, Lane pleaded guilty to resisting arrest in Douglas County before Justice Gibbons' brother, Douglas County District Judge Michael Gibbons.

The criminal case began Monday with jury selection in the courtroom of District Court Judge James E. Wilson and is expected to take the week to adjudicate.

"It is a privilege and an honor to serve as a juror in Carson City," said Chief Justice Gibbons. "Our system requires impartiality and consideration of the facts by a jury of our peers and I intend to do my best to uphold those standards."

Chief Justice Gibbons said he will serve on the jury as required and will give the matter his full attention. The Justice will conduct official Supreme Court business in the evening when he has been released from the daily jury schedule of the District Court.

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Chief Justice Gibbons presided over approximately 150 jury trials as a District Court Judge prior to his election to the Nevada Supreme Court in 2002.

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