Man sentenced to five years for third DUI |

Man sentenced to five years for third DUI

by Leslie Pearson

A Yerington man was sentenced to five years in prison in district court on Monday with possible probation after two years served for felony drunken driving.

Sergio Vargas-Ramirez, 36, admitted to the charge and told Judge Michael Gibbons through a Spanish translator that he never thought he would get to this point.

His brother died in a car accident on Highway 395 near China Springs in 2011 and Vargas-Ramirez said that since then he has "lost all control of my life."

He apologized to the court for his behavior and to his wife and children.

"I apologize a thousand times from the bottoms of my heart," he said. "(My children) don't know how to look at their father anymore and I am very ashamed."

Gibbons said that this was his third DUI and that a mandatory prison sentence would have to be imposed.

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"You should never drink a drop of alcohol again because when you do you can't control yourself," Gibbons said.

If Vargas-Ramirez is found guilty of another DUI after serving for his current offense, the sentence will be a mandatory 15 years in prison.

His privilege to drive will also be revoked for three years, Gibbons said.

In addition to prison time, Vargas-Ramirez will have to pay $2,088 in court fees.

However, the conviction may affect Vargas-Ramirez's living status in the United States. He could be deported, Gibbons said.

"I hope you can stay in touch with your family and take advantage of the programs that they have in prison," he said. "The best of luck to you."

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