Man gets probation reinstated |

Man gets probation reinstated

by Aurora Sain


A man who originally was denying a list of probation violations changed his plea on Tuesday.

James Branson Cook, 25, vacated his hearing set for Aug. and changed his denial to admissions.

He was charged with violating several terms of his probation including failing to get a substance abuse violation, lack of cooperation and not providing an address in which he lived.

"I didn't have enough time to do what was expected of me," said Cook.

He was originally arrested for stealing copies of Grand Theft Auto from Game Stop.

He could have been facing his underlying prison sentence, but instead Judge Tod Young reinstated his probation and ordered him directly into an inpatient treatment program.

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"You are a persistent and consistent criminal," said Young.

Cook will remain in custody until a bed opens up at the treatment program.

"I often tell people that they're not worthless," said Young. "But you haven't demonstrated that yet."

■Anthony Timothy Abruzzo, 42, was in court on Tuesday after being returned on a warrant.

He is facing a charge of possession of a controlled substance, and was working a Prop 36 treatment plan in Calif. but was failing to report.

His case was continued until July 26 to get more information on the case.

He will remain in custody until then.

■Joseph James Anderson, 26, pleaded guilty to reckless driving causing substantial bodily harm.

In March, the car Anderson was driving on Highway 50 failed to maintain its lane and struck a pedestrian.

The pedestrian suffered fractured ribs, vertebrae, a collapsed lung and internal bleeding among other things.

He is facing 12-72 months in prison and a $2,000-$5,000 fine.

He is also facing a misdemeanor driving under the influence of a controlled substance charge.

Sentencing was set for Sept. 6.

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