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Jacks Valley man gets probation


A 29-year-old Jacks Valley man who achieved a .49 blood alcohol content before he was arrested at his home for allegedly threatening his mother and her friend with a knife was sentenced to a suspended 90-day jail sentence on Wednesday.

Timothy Pavloff has Type I diabetes and was told by doctors he wouldn't live to see 30 if he didn't stop drinking, his mother told Justice of the Peace Steve McMorris.

"This case is about life and death," prosecutor Rick Casper said. "Most importantly it's about the defendant's life going forward."

Pavloff was convicted at a Feb. 27 trial of drawing a deadly weapon in a threatening manner.

Caspar sought the 180-day suspended sentence recommended in the substance abuse evaluation.

Defense attorney Derrick Lopez said Pavloff has remained sober since he was arrested Dec. 19 after an altercation at his mother's home. He asked McMorris to give Pavloff a 30-day jail sentence.

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Pavloff has since started attending church regularly

His mother told McMorris she called the sheriff's office the day before because Pavloff was drinking, but that deputies told her there wasn't anything they could do unless he was violating the law. The next day she and her significant other broke into Pavloff's bedroom where he was holding a knife. She said he hasn't had a drink since then.

"When he drinks with his diabetes it made him a different person," she said. "I feel he's doing well right now. I feel safe with him. He was always shy, he was never a troublemaker."

McMorris suspended Pavloff's sentence for two years.

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