Domestic violence earns man probation |

Domestic violence earns man probation

by Sarah Hauck

A Wellington man received a suspended 12-36 months prison sentence after admitting to strangling and hitting his wife.

Shaun Osteen, 36, was arrested April 23 after his sister removed his wife and two children from the home after a domestic dispute.

Osteen was charged with felony battery that constitutes domestic violence committed by strangulation, false imprisonment and coercion.

He placed his hands around his wife's neck and picked her up off the ground as well as hitting her, throwing her, covering her mouth with his hand and a pillow and preventing her from leaving the home.

Osteen apologized to his wife in court Tuesday.

Osteen's sentence was suspended on condition that he serve six months in Douglas County jail, complete drug court and three years probation.

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He also is not to have any contact with his wife until she proves that she has contacted Family Support Council about victim services.

A South Lake Tahoe woman denied allegations she used methamphetamine while she was out on bail.

Holly Picinich, 21, was arrested June 6 after she was waving her arms and talking quickly when deputies were trying to talk to her.

She was released on bail and was required to cooperate with the Department of Alternative Sentencing, which required her to take drug tests. She was taken into custody after positive tests for methamphetamine on June 30 and July 8 after her release.

She claimed that the positive tests are residual from her use prior to her original arrest. A hearing is set for Aug. 20-22 to argue the drug test results.

Picinich is to remain in custody on $10,000 cash only bail until the hearing date.

If she bails out she must report to an in-patient treatment facility immediately.

A South Lake Tahoe woman's probation was revoked and her original sentence imposed on a 2006 bad check charge.

April Carpenter, 37, was placed on probation, but left Nevada without permission and moved to Arkansas, where she married another felon.

Carpenter lived in Arkansas for seven years before her marriage failed and she returned to Nevada in December 2013.

On June 8 she was a victim of domestic violence and deputies noticed during a routine background check that she was on probation.

She admitted she violated curfew, reporting to her PO, reporting her residence and associating with other probationers.

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