Couple ordered to pay victim back or face prison |

Couple ordered to pay victim back or face prison

A Carson City couple, who stole $9,000.01 from a 75-year-old neighbor, received a suspended prison sentence on Tuesday on condition they pay the money back.

Robert Tucker, 58, and Nancy Tucker, 56, admitted at a February hearing stealing from an elderly neighbor.

The Tuckers each received a 2-5 year prison sentence on Tuesday, which was suspended for five years.

District Judge Tod Young said he found their conduct reprehensible.

"Your behavior is horrid," Young told Robert Tucker. "You failed to admit that you did something wrong, even after you entered a guilty plea. You write a statement that says you're a great guy, well you're not a great guy. You're nothing but a thief."

Defense attorney Kris Brown said her client had a job and would be able to pay the restitution.

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A court-appointed guardian told Young that the Tuckers hadn't made any payments on their debt to the victim. She said the woman lived in fear that the Tuckers would harm her as a result of their prosecution.

The thefts came to light when a Nevada State Bank employee became concerned about the large amounts of money being taken out of the woman's account.

The employee suspected the victim might have Alzheimer's disease, and wasn't capable of making decisions about her finances.

The elderly woman told officers she and the Tuckers were neighbors and had shared meals and played card games together.

She said she had loaned the couple money, and they had access to her bank account.

According to the criminal complaint, the Tuckers are accused of stealing checks, forging the victim's signature, and cashing the checks.

The crimes occurred from Nov. 19, 2012 to June 12, 2013.

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