Alpine County clears 4,000-plant pot grow |

Alpine County clears 4,000-plant pot grow

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Alpine County authorities loaded a dumptruck with marijuana plants on Wednesday from a grow found between Woodfords and Markleeville.

Undersheriff Robert Levy said there were 4,000 plants being cultivated and a large number of buds being dried at the site.

Two helicopters were used for the raid, one from the California Highway Patrol and the other from the Placer County Sheriff's Office.

"The type of garden discovered involves cloned marijuana plants that typically grown no taller that about 3 feet at harvest," Levy said. "The plants are disbursed under the natural vegetative canopy and over a wide area. This makes these types of marijuana gardens difficult to detect."

The raid was conducted without incident and no suspects were located or identified.

"All of the marijuana was flown out via helicopter long line and was disposed of by burial in the ground," Levy said. "This burial technique ruins the marijuana in a matter of hours."

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The marijuana garden, bud processing location and campsite for workers was located several miles west of Highway 89.

Pot farmers disposed of trash and waste in open pits dug into the native ground.

"These type of operations involve chemical fertilizers, poison for rodents and a significant amount of created trash," he said. "They are an environmental disaster for our high Alpine Climate. Newly appointed Sheriff Rick Stephens participated in the raid with his deputies."

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