Valley business owner up for national retail award |

Valley business owner up for national retail award

by Leslie Pearson
Special to The R-C

The owner of Nevada Unique Store and the Sierra Gourmet Grill and Wine Bar is a nominee for a national retail award to be given at the end of July.

Larry Rice, a member of the National Retail Federation, will participate in its legislative retail advocates summit in Washington D.C. where he may be awarded America's Retail Champion.

"It's very exciting," Rice said.

"On a local level we work with Main Street Gardnerville to support that organization and we do work hard to provide something unique to the area."

Rice's store and restaurant provides food, art and furniture handcrafted by local artisans, he said.

"We're proud to give exposure to folks who can't get their stuff into larger box stores," Rice said.

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Rice said that box stores have their place, but he would like to promote buying local first.

Legislators will have a chance to hear from Rice and 150 other business owners during the summit.

Two issues affecting Rice's business are online business taxes versus "brick and mortar" business taxes and the "red tape" that takes up a small businesses time, he said.

Rice sells items online as part of Nevada Unique Store's business and also has his physical business located at 1378 Highway 395.

"It'll be interesting because I'll be able to tell our legislators both sides of the fence," he said. "There is a discrepancy between taxes for online business and brick and mortar businesses and I understand both sides of the issue."

Rice said he would also like to speak with legislators concerning all the "red tape and paperwork" that needs to be taken care of in order to run a business.

Rice will leave for the summit at the end of the month and is "ecstatic" about possibly winning the retail champion award.

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