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NV Energy offering discounts on LED bulbs

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To sponsor a basket of flowers, call the Main Street Gardnerville office at 782-8027.

The NV Energy Residential Lighting Program is now offering Northern Nevada NV Energy residential customers in-store discounts on qualifying Energy Star LED bulbs at Walmart, Costco and Home Depot.

According to spokesman Karl Walquist, LED bulbs use 75 to 80 percent less energy than incandescent bulbs and can save approximately $7 per year on energy costs for each bulb installed. LED bulbs also last roughly 10 times longer than CFL bulbs and 20 times longer than regular incandescent bulbs making their lifetime savings as high as $135 per bulb installed.

"While typically used for commercial purposes, LED bulbs are now more versatile and appropriate for residential use," stated a press release. "They offer the color range of incandescent bulbs from soft white to daylight and are dimmable. LED bulbs are also more durable, cool to the touch and do not contain mercury."

Special pricing stickers indicate the bulbs that have been discounted by an NV Energy Residential Lighting Program rebate.

For more information visit: https://nvenergy.com/lighting.

Main Street Gardnerville selling baskets of flowers

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Surprise your Valentine this year by "giving" a special basket of flowers that will be part of the Main Street Gardnerville District all summer long.

"Your basket of flowers allows you and your Valentine to become part of the beautification of downtown Gardnerville," said a Main Street spokeswoman, "as well as a supporter of the Horticultural Programs at China Spring Youth Camp/Aurora Pines Facility, Douglas High School and Smith Valley School,"

The donation amount is $85 per basket and will ensure the continuation of this Main Street project.

The goal is to hang 62 beautiful flowering baskets on lamp posts along the Main Street District corridor.

"With your help we will be able to keep "Main Street in Bloom" all summer long while you and your Valentine enjoy these lush flowers and leave the watering to us," a spokewoman said.

To sponsor a basket, call the Main Street Gardnerville office at 782-8027.

"In return for your payment, you will receive a card with a special Valentine's Day message intended for your use," sponsors said. "This is a thoughtful way to say Happy Valentine's Day or perhaps the perfect gift for a birthday, anniversary or any other special occasion."

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