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Full Belly Deli makes comeback

by Leslie Pearson

The Full Belly Deli has changed its location, but not its menu or its commitment to service, owners said.

Mother and daughter owners, Nancy and Dawn Rehfeldt, respectively, have moved from their old venue at Meadowdale Center in Gardnerville to 1659 Highway 395 in Minden where the old Subway was located.

The deli was open in Gardnerville from August 1999 until last March.

The new deli is scheduled to open in late July or beginning of August. Remodeling has pushed back their original start date of July 7 but customers are calling.

"The landlord for the building in California has received calls asking about when are we going to open," Nancy said.

Dawn said that they took a list of 200 customer names along with their phone numbers or email before they left their old venue.

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"They're excited and want to know immediately when we open," Dawn said.

Businesses in north Minden are excited to have the Full Belly Deli so close to them now, as well, Nancy said.

"My health care guy called me yesterday to ask me about insurance and asked me, 'Hey, by the way, when are you opening,'" she said. "He's just up the street."

Dawn said the only problem is that now they are so far away from their Gardnerville customers.

The menu will continue to make Full Belly Deli "classics," Dawn said, with some additions.

The clam chowder and other soups made from scratch will remain on the menu as will their hot pastrami and southwest sandwiches.

"My mom's tender loving care make the soups what they are," Dawn said.

Nancy has found recipes over the years and has tweaked them to her liking.

Another recipe for the deli's success has been consistency and customer service, Dawn said.

"Mom's a big consistency person," she said. "If you like our turkey sandwich then we want to keep it the way it is so that you keep coming back."

Dawn said it is a disappointment to go to a restaurant and have a good meal only to come back and the meal is not the same as it was.

"People like us," Dawn said. "If you come in we remember that you want water with lemon or a certain type of sandwich, we remember your name."

The d├ęcor of the new deli is also different from the old deli. Lots of windows and green, yellow and blue paint make the new deli brighter, Dawn said.

"We won't have a bar so there will be no smoke coming into the restaurant," Dawn said. "We're just catering to the lunch crowd."

The deli averaged 50 lunches a day at their old location and think that will increase, Nancy said.

"We're bigger now," she said. "We have a bigger dining room."

The deli will continue to provide to-go orders for workers who don't have time to sit and eat, Nancy said.

"They can still call ahead and we'll have it ready," Dawn said.

Loyal and new customers can follow the deli on Facebook to see when they will open and what their daily specials will be. For more information, call 782-5430.

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