Remember When for March 19 |

Remember When for March 19

120 years ago

March 23, 1894

L. S. Ezell and Mason Krummes, who have been mining all winter in the Pine Nut district have uncovered a rich body of ore and expect to have good results from the assays now being made.

100 years ago

March 20, 1914

The cultivated lands of Carson Valley are increasing more rapidly this season than has been recorded in years. Rich soil that has been covered by a growth of sagebrush for countless ages, is being cleared, leveled and cultivated and placed in condition to receive virgin crops this spring.

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80 years ago

March 23, 1934

Officials of the Sierra Pacific Power company met with residents of Alpine county last Thursday to consider a plan for extending power lines to Markleeville.

50 years ago

March 19, 1964

Phony shamrocks, the stripe down the middle of the main street, and bows on the telephone poles were not the only evidence of green around Gardnerville on St. Patrick's Day. There was also an awful lot of paper money in everybody's pockets. The Silver Dollar Famine had become fact, not rumor.

25 years ago

March 23, 1989

Fire hydrants are still malfunctioning in Gardnerville while the water company and the town both insist they are not responsible.

10 years ago

March 19, 2004

Until five years ago, Nevada didn't have a liaison between federal programs and American Indians but Cub Wolfe grabbed the bull by the horns, established a program, and an important rapport.

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