Remember When for July 2 |

Remember When for July 2

120 years ago

July 6, 1894

A badger strolled into Genoa Monday night and took up headquarters at the Gilman hotel. He was surrounded by a group of men, who finally succeeded in getting him into a sack.

100 years ago

July 3, 1914

Wednesday evening Tony Lina and E. Delaney, two men employed on the Daugberg ranches, engaged in a quarrel which resulted in the latter firing three shots at Lina, one bullet piercing his arm above the elbow, and lodged in his side, making two painful wounds.

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80 years ago

July 6, 1934

Unless there's a large increase in consumption of cold storage turkey, growers of the popular holiday bird may be disappointed in prices they receive for this year's crop.

50 years ago

July 2, 1964

Overly ambitious plans by the State Park Commission spelled a finish for any immediate plans for construction of a picnic and park area at Topaz Lake, by that organization.

25 years ago

July 6, 1989

The 16th edition of Sharkey's Cow Pasture Boxing Festival entertained a worldwide audience and a boisterous crowd of more than 2,500 with bouts that featured everything from first-round knockouts to majority decisions.

10 years ago

June 30, 2004

U.S. Marine housing was evacuated and Highway 395 closed Monday as a fast-moving fire in Coleville threatened structures for the first time in a week.

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