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Early deer sign of hard winter

120 years ago

August 17, 1894

The Raycraft boys killed a deer in the hills back of Genoa Sunday. The deer seem to be crossing early, which old timers claim is a sign of a hard winter.

100 years ago

August 14, 1914

From all accounts Douglas will not win the pennant for being the banner Suffrage county of Nevada.

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80 years ago

August 17, 1934

Anticipating unusual hunting conditions, sixteen or more Gardnerville sportsmen went to the Winters mine region last Sunday to participate in the one-day open season on sagehens.

50 years ago

August 13, 1964

The cheerful end to last year's flood came last week when Douglas County Commissioners received a check for $5,996 as the final payment in federal disaster funds allocated after the onslaught of flood waters last January and February.

25 years ago

August 17, 1989

County Manager Julio Avael said the past year has been critical to turning county government around.

20 Years Ago

August 7, 1994

A crowd ushered into Minden's first hotel-casino ten years ago on Aug. 10, 1984, launching a decade of expansions and successes for the Carson Valley Inn.

10 years ago

August 11, 2004

Weather stations up and down the Sierra Nevada that measure moisture show the forest are the driest they've been in 30 years, officials say.

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