Valley residents rock out in music video shoot |

Valley residents rock out in music video shoot

by Abby Pitman

Close to 40 fans stood outside the CVIC Hall on July 19 hoping to take part in a music video being filmed inside.

Hard rock band Miss Crazy filmed the video for their new song "Love Me Hate Me."

Three of the fans were waiting while a relative helped the band set up.

"Our dad introduced them to us," Elizabeth said. The trio had been listening to the album for about three months.

"They're not very big and I just enjoy their music," Louis said.

The band distinguishes themselves by painting their faces, similar to the style of the band Kiss.

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"I was influenced by Brandon Lee in the Crows, not so much by Kiss," said lead singer Marcus Allen Christopher.

"We do it to be different," he said. "To create a mystique — a little bit of mystery behind it. There are so many bands out there that don't wear make up and very few who do."

The band has been together since 2006 and has four albums out. There is a fifth album coming out, which is what this single is on. The fifth album is titled "Inception."

"The video they're doing, the track hasn't even been released yet," said Wendi Semas Faurie. Faurie runs the label with Christopher.

"Marcus is the brilliance, and I'm the organization side," said the Gardnerville resident. She said she has been involved with the band for about a year now.

"I've known a couple of them since junior high, and we reconnected," she said.

As for the venue they chose for the video, Faurie said they really loved the antique look of the building.

"I live in Gardnerville, Marcus lives in Tahoe and we were looking for a venue when we drove past this place, and we just really loved it," Faurie said.

This is not the only music video the band has done. On the last album, the track "Dying" had a music video that was shot in Reno. The track was a best selling single. They also shot another music video in Reno to the track 'She Needs My Love' that will debut in a week or two.

"They've toured all over the U.S.," Faurie said. With the exceptions of Florida and Louisiana Christopher said.

"They have a huge underground fan base," Faurie emphasized.

According to Christopher, they've sold 30,000 albums worldwide, including tracks. Though their albums are not on iTunes, they do have a website where fans can download tracks and albums.

For more information visit the band's webpage at where you can purchase the tracks or albums.

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