Smith Valley author debutes first mystery novel |

Smith Valley author debutes first mystery novel

by Sarah Hauck

Cutting her teeth as a writer of textbooks and dissertations, Lin Wilder recently delivered her newest "baby" into the world, naming it "The Fragrance Shed by a Violet."

Wilder will share her new addition with Carson Valley 6 p.m. Friday at Shelby's Book Shoppe during a book signing and reading.

The Smith Valley resident began writing the murder myster in 2007.

"The idea for a novel took residence in my psyche and heart and wouldn't let go," Wilder said.

Writing has been a part of Wilder's entire life.

"Nobody ever wanted me to sign copies of my cardiovascular things," she explained.

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The transition from nonfiction to fiction writing proved to be an adjustment for the 62-year-old.

While she went back to her nonfiction writing techniques of doing research on addiction and alcoholism for the book, Wilder struggled to be able to accept what she described as a loss of control with fiction writing.

"I didn't think this would be any big deal or any harder than a 45 chapter book or dissertation," Wilder said. "I was way wrong."

Using the 23 years in various positions at a medical center in Houston, Texas, Wilder created a murder mystery intertwined in the medical field.

Her main character, whose life is her work, is sitting in jail for the murder of her mother due to the very work she is so dedicated to.

The novel combines medical terminology, murder and spirituality.

Shortly after receiving her doctorate degree, Wilder decided she was going to write and reinvent herself spiritually and that her writing would reflect that process.

Wilder strived to create a balance of good and evil in people within the world in her work.

"The characters and plot couldn't be such that one individual was perfectly good or one was perfectly evil; we are all people. I needed to find that balance." Wilder said. "If you keep that as a novelist, you leave people with a new way of thinking, something that may provoke them, or to think about something they thought they understood, in a different way."

Her first novel took her six years to write with more than 250 rejections for publication, but Wilder was not deterred from pursing her passion and dream of being a writer.

The book was published Tuesday by Tate Publishing.

She is currently working on a sequel to "The Fragrance Shed by a Violet."

She says it will not take her as long to write, but she doesn't want to give herself a deadline.

Her husband encouraged her to "make the journey of this book fun."

"This second one is definitely more fun. I'm more comfortable letting go," Wilder said.

An essential character from the first book will be the main character of the second.

There will be a person in prison and a question as to whether the individual did what they are being accused of.

Wilder explained that her recent, and first, experience as a juror resonates in the sequel's plot.

Her book is available at as well as

Shelby's Book Shoppe is located at1663 Lucerne Street in the Minden Village.

For more information contact Linda Finch at 782-5484.

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