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Extras needed for hard rock video shoot in Minden

by Caryn Haller

Miss Crazy is filming a music video 4-8 p.m. Saturday at the CVIC Hall in Minden.

California hard rock band Miss Crazy is filming a video for their latest album release, and are looking for as many people to be in it as possible.

Filming for the song "Love Me Hate Me" is 4-8 p.m. Saturday in front of the CVIC Hall in Minden.

Mirroring themselves after '70s and '80s bands Kiss, Def Leppard, AC/DC and Van Halen, the band is working on its fifth album entitled "Inception."

"We're genuine hard rock from the '70 and '80s style music when it wasn't so controlled," lead singer Markus Allen Christopher said. "I really like the heavy guitars and big drums. Hard rock is just fun to do when you've got the guitar and you're singing and that weird voice comes out. We have a big worldwide following that's underground."

Inspired by Brandon Lee in the movie "The Crow," band members paint their faces black and white when performing.

"We don't wear it because Kiss wears it, we like it because of the mystique it has, and not knowing what our faces look like," Christopher said. "It brings out the music more and separates us from the thousands of other bands out there who don't wear makeup."

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Christopher encourages anybody of any age to be a part of the video. The lyrics are appropriate for all ages, and no dress code is required.

"They'll have a great time and leave with an autographed CD. They'll either be a fan afterwards or not," he said. "Just get ready to be in a music video and have fun doing it."

Miss Crazy has been performing together since 2005. Along with Christopher, band members include Jeff Jones on guitar, Chris Stringari on bass guitar and Alan Perrault on drums.

For more information on the band visit http://www.misscrazyrecords.com.

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